Postpartum INQUIETS

Postpartum is a life stage that comes after childbirth, whether of live or stillborn children. Many times this stage is transited with many emotional ups and downs. It is important to understand that this happens and that we make it visible, since women go through a great transformation that begins at the moment of pregnancy, and this transformation affects us physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually, and often we do not explain. Talking about postpartum means talking about light and shadows, about learning and reflection, about looking and paying attention to everything that we might not have noticed until now. It can make us relive things from our own childhood, and feel insecure about the new life we've brought into the world because we don't know how to deal with every little situation. But the most important thing is that the postpartum period is an opportunity for self-knowledge to re-emerge renewed in the face of this experience of motherhood. Our human biology is ready to evolve, our emotions are also ready to heal and the postpartum period is usually a time of transformation and growth, where letting ourselves go can make the path gentler.
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